Monday, December 20, 2010

I Miss Internet!

I have pictures to share with you but I don't have access to the Internet except here at the public library. We are settled into the house in Union. It is a big house with loots of room. We are only using a couple of the rooms. No sense unpacking a lot of things to fill up space just to be on the move again in a month or so. Progress is being made on the shop despite the weather. We made it through the blizzard and have had a nice warm up. Too warm, in fact, because it gets really sloppy in the mud out there. We had help lined up and a cement truck came. Part of it got poured and then he got stuck. The next day we had help lined up again but he wouldn't come out so the floor is on hold. Siding is up on one side. The roof is done. Framing inside is started. Windows are in. It is looking good. I am looking forward to Christmas Eve Day! I don't have to work. Morgan will get here from Twin Falls and we will make cookies. I didn't get into my seven totes of Christmas decorations or my three totes of village. I miss all my cute stuff. I did a pared down version of decorating this year. I used a few things left over from my sale and a few things I picked up at thrift stores. My tree is decorated with only Christmas cards from many years past. I had them with my craft stuff so it was easy to get to. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!