Friday, September 7, 2012


Gareld left the tractor parked out back last weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to get a photo of the old house in the background.  Summer is on the way out and Fall is on the way.

As of this year 2012 this is a century farm.  It has been in the same family for 100 years!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Here's the fenceline at the top of our property.  We have 80 acres.  As we were driving up the road to the neighbors house I said to Gareld, "we have a lot of property I've never seen."  I guess I need to walk the fenceline sometime like Morgan has done.  It sure was pretty up there looking out over the valley.

Our neighbors have a beautiful, big house filled with hunting trophies, head mounts, full body mounts and georgeous furnishings.  It was fun to walk through and see it all.  It was like a wildlife fact they had a wildlife museum in Joseph at one time so when they built the house they built it big enough to house all the animals.  There are fullbody mounts of cow and bull elk, cougars, wolves, coyote, racoons, lion, zebra, moose, deer, african animals, sheep, goats, bears, and caribou just to name a few.  Many years of successful hunting are represented.  There was an awesome head mount of a red stag that he got in New Zealand last year.  The reason I was up there was to see her vintage trailer and antiques that she is going to have at our Shabulous show in October.  It was nice to be invited up.

Here's a view of our place on the way down.  There's extra cars and kids down there.  Morgan had some friends and cousins over to shoot clay pigeons.  We really need to get that storage trailer emptied out and torn down.  It's an  eyesore.  There's a hand made sign going up the road that says "mobile home road".  We wondered if it was named for our ugly single wide we bought to live in if we needed a temporary home before the house was ready.  It was a pretty drive on a pretty day.