Sunday, July 22, 2012

Man Cave

We finally worked on Gareld's room and his trophies have a new home.  After spending a couple years at his friend, Doug's house, they are on the wall down in the shop.  These are the five animals he got on his trip to Africa in 2004.

I told him to bring home souvenirs so he bought these four mats that I framed.  They are pieced together out of plant material.  He did pretty good in the shopping department.

We have a few family furniture pieces we wanted to save but had no room in the house for them.  The old gun cabinet/desk between the windows was his dad's.  The table behind the couch expands to 12' and is great for family dinners and was his mom's.  The rocker is one Gareld bought me when I was pregnant with Jeremy.  They all found a good home here.

The bigger the room, the bigger the gun safe.

I brought the branches from Union when we moved.  The chainsaw carved bear was from his parents.  They picked up two on a trip to the coast one year and each son got one.

Another wall of head mounts.  A couple didn't make the cut.  There's still room to add more.

I bought a couch and loveseat before we got the house set up.  They both wouldn't fit in the living room so the loveseat ended up down here.

The huge thing in the corner was a gun cabinet at one time.  We are going to use it for the TV.  See the Pachinko game.  We have had it for almost 20 years.  I want it out where it can be played.  I have to order replacement steel balls but they are available on ebay.  He will mount it to the wall for the grandkids to have fun with when they come to stay.

I love this wall.  Those are old targets in the frames.  You can't see the kill shot lines but they are pretty neat.  I got them at a yard sale a long time ago and knew we would have a place for them eventually.  I was looking at the antique show for the perfect sign to hang above the door but I never found just the right thing.  I decided I could make one myself.  I wanted it to look like a guy slapped it together to direct his buddies to camp and it turned out just how I wanted it to.

A very nice room.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

I have a flag and a flag pole and neither of them are out today.  Shame on me!  I should be flying the colors.  I love the freedom we enjoy in this bountiful country.  My son spent two tours in Iraq and made it home so I am grateful.  Three cheers for the red, white and blue.