Monday, April 30, 2012

Arbor Day

Grow little tree.     
I was able to bring home some of the left over trees we gave out at our garden center grand opening at work.
Arbor Day was last Friday.  We celebrated today by planting 30 trees up on the hill. (A small amount compared to the 500 trees Jeremy planted a few days ago for Grayback).

Now the rain can roll in and give them a good drink of water.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playing With Fire

We have been busy burning this past week.  We started with weeds between the house and the road.  We moved on to some rocky knobs on the hill.  They are surrounded by plowed field so it has been pretty easy to control.  A couple of nights a nice rainstorm passed through to cool things off.  We had a burn pile we've been adding to for a couple years so we lit it up and got rid of it.  We still have a few more knobs to go.  It is so nice to make progress on the property.  Daylight and nice weather give us opportunity to be outside working!

Friday, April 13, 2012


I've been going on a walk everyday. I walk down Kerns Loop road and back. This day I decided to walk around a bit and see what was going on. The grass is greening, the weeds are growing, the water is running, the ground squirrels are digging and spring is here. I made it without picking up any ticks. This view is looking down at Gareld's shop from the orchard.

This old relic is currently residing in the looks a lot like the other tractor we have. Seems like they would both like to hang out down by the antique store.

The last I've seen of the elk this season. It sure was fun watching their routine. Maybe I'll take this home for Gareld to use tying flies.

Nice springs pop up out of the ground in several places on the property. We want to have a duck pond someday and one of these springs should feed it nicely.

We have many rocks on the property. This pile is leftover from long ago when Gareld and his brother had to pick up rocks as kids. Their dad farmed this ground for awhile and the rocks were in the way. We need to put them to good use. Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Helping Hands

Here's my guy helping me out again. He does so much for me and I love him for it. I am working on some name tags for the Sisters on the Fly Northwest Gathering camp. It's in June. The theme is Fishin' Reels and Cowgirl Heels. I thought flies would be a cute addition so I started looking for them. I thought I could get them cheap wherever they sell them in bulk. I couldn't. Gareld said he would tie them for me. That's 120 flies! What a sweetie.