Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

I hated to move on from "cutie pa tutie". Everytime I look at that little face it makes me smile. I am heading out of town so I wanted to get my halloween greeting out there. I am going to the antique show in Portland. I go every year. This is my birthday trip. (Actually last year I didn't go in October because I was in DISNEYLAND!!) I like the fall show ...they have lot's of holiday items. I will be adding to my collection of vintage halloween. Real old postcards like this one will go for a very high price. Halloween postcards are the rarest and most sought after. The cheapest you can find is for $18.00 but they easily go between $50-$90. I can get by with the reproductions myself. They are just as fun to look at. I'm sure I will find something.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Oh my goodness! I love this little guy. Those eyes, that little mouth. He is adorable. I miss him already of course and plan to go back in March to get another dose of his sweetness. It was so fun just to hold him and walk with him and rock him to sleep. Monica called me the baby whisperer. It was so fun to bond with my newest little "Bonders". (Monica that is another nickname we had for Brandon that I just remembered.)
Wyatt was blessed by his Grandpa and is wearing the same little outfit Brandon wore for his blessing day.

His mama bought him the cutest little outfit. He has tiny jeans that are just darling.

It's October, it's Fall, it's Halloween so we had to visit a pumpkin patch. As you can see Wyatt was really impressed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The trusses were delivered this week.
We had a good crew of six guys. One down....

T Jeremy and Gareld in silhouette.

And there you have it, the beginnings of a shop.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Look at me back on line! Since last Sunday a lot has happened. We signed papers on Tuesday! It's done officially. Now we have to really get going on the shop. Gareld is off this week and he and my dad are working on it everyday. We then take a much anticipated trip to New York to see baby Wyatt. We can't wait to meet him. We already love him. Funny how you can see him in pictures and know he's your grandbaby and be in love with the little man.
Back here at the property Gareld has been stringing electrical and phone wire through the pipes. Everyday a little closer to where we need to be.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Is the mail here yet? The time honored question, and now we can be asking it at our new address. We put in a mailbox today. I dug a hole in the ground and Gareld built a box to corral the concrete. He pounded stakes in and poured the cement around them. The legs of this cute stand (thanks to was hers) are bolted in the cement, too. It should be pretty solid. I guess we will find out when the first snow plow passes by. Oh wait, I don't even know if they plow gravel roads. Kerns Loop here we come.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I've been moving in today...does it look like I added my touch? This is where we will be living until the shop is ready to move into. It's called the yellow house or the chicken coop by the Hibbert Family. They are so kind to let us stay here for a little while. It's out on Hunter Road.
We finally got word that we are signing papers on Tuesday morning at 9:00. The buyers are signing Monday afternoon. They have been here working on the shed out back. The appraisal stated that the shed had to be painted. The kid buying it is a painter so he is doing it. We will move in completely monday. Finally!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


We're going to need electricity soon. There is a lot of preparation to complete before OTE comes out to do their part. Besides digging a ditch through "rocky bottom" Gareld had to lay the pipe and cover it with dirt. May sound easy but finding just "dirt" took some doing. This week he put in the box. We are getting closer.
We don't have enough rocks on the place already so we had 4 truckloads hauled in. The property is a bit hilly so Gareld is filling in the shop floor before the concrete is poured...something about not wanting a slope in the floor? :)