Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This is a very beautiful spot in central Oregon. We had a great time. We cleared out Sunday morning just as the area got socked in with smoke from all the fires.

Morgan and I went for a nice walk Saturday morning up one side of the river and back down.

The gathering place.

Our camp all set up.

Maiden voyage...gotta deck it out for show.

The inside turned out darling.

Cozy but confining according to Morgan.

Twenty miles from the campground the Ranger fizzled and died. It was not getting any gas. Morgan limped along and caught up to me. We had stopped along the road and I saw some people working out in a garden. I walked over to see if we could pull in off the road until we could get help. The lady there was very nice and told us where we could park it. She gave me the name of a good mechanic and even had his # in her phone. I called him and he said get it towed to his shop and he would take a look. The tow truck came, we went on to camp and unhitched my trailer then went back after the teardrop so both trailers were at camp. It took many calls and until Saturday night to get the truck back. It needed a new fuel pump and filter. A costly fix but it did not ruin the weekend. We had great luck with awesome people helping us.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I 'm sure our fancy neighbor at the top of the hill thinks that every time he drives by. We have a total of five trailers and one cargo container sitting on the property and we are waiting for another. This is the newest one and while cleaning it today and trying to decorate it for our upcoming camping trip I wanted to vacuum it. Gareld pulled it down to the shop. While it was there I decided that since everything was out of it I should go ahead and paint it inside. I painted the back on Friday and now the inside looked dingy. So we dedicated our Saturday to working on trailers.

I have been wanting my trailer painted all year. I have a Sisters on the Fly camp out this coming weekend and I was really hoping for a chance to get it done. I even went to Crisp Colors the other day to ask how much it would cost just to shoot some auto paint on it. (No body work, just paint it) $500 bucks! Then all of a sudden this morning Gareld said we could paint it since we are at a standstill until the house shows up. Well not a total standstill because there are a million things we could be doing other than painting this old thing, but it was sweet to offer. So we are working on it. I will post "after" photos when done.

A lot of painting going on today.

We bought this travel trailer a few years ago thinking it could be an option for us to live in during construction. We never have lived in it. We rented it out for a three months to someone else waiting on a manufactured home installation. Jeremy and two friends lived in it up at Anthony Lakes for two seasons. Now Morgan is making it into a comfy little apartment.

We are still waiting for the most important "trailer" to arrive. We were told both halves would be sitting next to the foundation by tonight and they would come Tuesday and set them on the foundation. We left there at 9:00 tonight and this is how it looked. Ready and waiting!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Time and Eternity

Weren't we so cute when we started out on this journey together! It has been 31 years since we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls Temple. Our honeymoon was a trip to Yellowstone. I love Yellowstone Park most likely because we spent a lot of time there while we were going to school in Rexburg. When we got married it was just Gareld and I plus my mom and dad. It was a rainy day so we hurried out for one picture outside the temple. I am so thankful I found my tall dark and handsome man that I had dreamed of. I am also thankful for the way he was raised. He's a good guy and I love him.

Friday, August 5, 2011


From this....here's where it begins. Deciding on the perfect spot for a house is a big deal. No changing your mind later so Gareld started clearing a few weeks ago.

...to this. The site is prepared and filled with gravel. When I first walked up to it it looked awful small. We set it at an angle to have a better view.

....to this! So it looks like it is happening. We may have a home out here yet. It looks bigger now but the house is still on the small side. Just right for two people though. I am getting so anxious to move in and DECORATE! It will be a hard decision to part with things that won't fit. I will have nice things for my Junk Salvation sale in Walla Walla. More photos as things progress.