Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Blues

It's winter here on the property.  It's also been very cold.  Last Saturday I ventured out for a few minutes to get some pictures for the blog and then I couldn't upload them.  I was reading another blog today and she mentioned her google account had been suspended, she couldn't upload photos, and she had to start a brand new blog.  I was about ready to do the same thing until I saw today I could upload again.  I don't know what was going on.
This pile of pumpkins brings back memories of long summer days and two a-day watering sessions.  I saved a lot of the seeds from that crop and the rest are just composting away along the fenceline.  Jeremy had a good idea.  He said I should try planting one to make sure it's going to sprout.  I'd hate to have all my little seeds planted in the toilet paper tubes I've been saving and not take off.  As I found out last summer, we planted too late.  Each year we will learn something new.  In the meantime we will enjoy winter. 
"to everything there is a season..."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Paris in June

How can I get there this year?
Morgan is going to be in Europe for a month with her friend, Amy.  They planned on going to Disneyland and since it is one of my favorite places, I said "I should meet you there".   The idea was planted.  I can't shake it.  Could I really go?  Paris has never been on my list of places to visit but I just don't think I can pass this up.  Why not...do it!!
I hear they have a little flea market there. 

Here's part of the plan:
1.  Do not attend Junk Salvation in Hillsboro in February.
2.  Do not attend EXPO in March. ( Easily saving $700 or more)
3.  Do not carry debit card to work everyday.  (If I need it plan for it.)
4.  Only $20 per paycheck budgeted to thrifting. (I couldn't go cold turkey)
5.  Trip to Philadelphia Easter weekend paid for up front.
This is one of my goals for 2013 so I'm going to make it happen!