Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting away from the property

We have been working on the property daily for so long we needed to get out of town. So much so that Gareld agreed to go to the antique show at Portland Expo with me. We left as soon as we were done working on Thursday afternoon. Mt. Hood was lined up right in the center of the setting sun. The picture doesn't quite capture how pretty it was. We are outta here.

I really do love visiting the beach. It's so calm, peaceful and beautiful in every season.

Here's the view from our "oceanfront" room. The satellite photo on the website made it look a little closer to the hotel. We had a nice walk to the beach though.

I like looking through the antique stores. We also found an estate sale and a couple yard sales. I found some treasures at all of them. We even hauled home a dresser.

Gareld wanted to try his hand a t crabbing again. This time he managed to catch a lot.

A tip from a fish and game officer and we were off to find a train trestle.

Gareld is getting his traps baited and ready to drop in the water.

I had my doubts but the snare really works. This contraption cought a few today. We had a great weekend away together!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Here's a few pictures of the house, mostly for the benefit of Brandon and Monica since they didn't get to see it finished when they were here. I'm still working on my craft room and we have Gareld's trophy room to do, too. It's all coming together and I love it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Oh, Cubby, how I missed you. This is a nice item I found in Hood River about 5 years ago. I was headed to the antique show in Portland and I only had the car so I paid for it and had him hold it until I could go back after it a few days later. Mom and I made a quick trip down and back for it. I had it in my kitchen before. Now it sits in the dining room. I started filling it with kitchen themed items like I had in it before, then I realized I don't have a bookcase or even space for one in the living room here. I quickly changed the theme and it looks great.

It has been stored away for three years and it is so nice to have it out again. I have a nice bay window in the dining room which provides a nice ledge to display some collections on. I have quite a few flower frogs and potholders. This is only a sampling of them.

Love my graters...especially when they are lit up with candles. I also collected these chocolate chip cans in honor of my favorite cookie. I have a set for each of the kids. Not sure they will enjoy them as much as I have.

There's a lot of space over every set of cupboards so of course I filled them up already.

It took time finding everything I have ever had for the kitchen and then narrowing it down to my favorite things.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Critter Cam is back!

Strange critters turn up once in a while.

We haven't seen a racoon on here before.

We always catch deer and elk. None with antlers, though.

Our big bear walks by the camera once or twice a day. Mostly at night but here he is in broad daylight. He is filling up on plums and blackberries.